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Jul 30, 2022
In Welcome to the Tech Forum
In the past ten years, Zhihu's image and role have been changing constantly, from a small and somewhat "high and low" discussion community to a prosperous and all-encompassing virtual city-state, and a worry-relieving grocery store that provides practical help for people. Now, Zhihu maintains its status as one of the largest sources of original content on the Chinese Internet and is an important part of the Chinese public opinion field. In the past ten years, there have been many similarities. With the gradual integration of mobile Internet and PC Internet, the gap between the Internet b2b data and the real world has been bridged, and technology companies have stepped out of the halo of innovation and subversion and returned to the essential logic of business. In Zhihu, authors and readers, knowledge and stories, content and business are two sides of the same body. Looking back ten years later, the "two Zhihu" merged into one. As the so-called "content is business, business is content". The long-tail content accumulated by Zhihu for ten years is its most valuable resource. In the end, Zhihu's commercialization path also converges from peripheral exploration and returns to the content itself. Massive content, benign interactions and a business model entering a positive cycle are starting the next decade for Zhihu.
There Have Been Many Similarities content media
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Village live Fun & entertainment

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